Child Sexual Health Education through Picture Books


Target: ₹ 15,76,000 ($ 19700)

Raised: ₹ 0 ($ 0)

No. of Donors : 0

Completion Date: 31st December 2026

Project Introduction:

Empowering child sexual health education through child-friendly, low-cost, multilingual picture books. Collaboration with community partners, NGOs, and academic experts.



The project endeavors to enhance child sexual health education in Hyderabad by conducting a comprehensive assessment of existing gaps in schools and medical institutions. It aims to address these gaps through the design and dissemination of an inclusive and comprehensive multilingual picture book. The impact of this initiative will be evaluated through workshops, ensuring its effectiveness in promoting awareness and understanding among the target audience. Additionally, the project envisions the creation of a resource-rich website dedicated to child sexual health, providing valuable information and resources. Through these multifaceted efforts, the project aims to foster a more informed and open dialogue surrounding child sexual health, contributing to destigmatization and improved education.


Timeline & Budget Summary:

Duration: 18 months

Budget: Rs. 15,76,000


Proposer Details:

Name: Shuhita Bhattacharjee

Designation: Assistant Professor, Dept of Liberal Arts, and Adjunct Professor, Dept of Design