Giving Opportunities

A Giving opportunity is an initiative or cause to raise funds. These funds can be utilized to finance various projects taken up by the Institute. Giving Opportunity can be subdivided into various projects, endowments, CSR or reunion. Funds received from these opportunities can be utilized for a single purpose or it may deploy into various smaller projects of the Institute.



Funds received under this category will be used for the growth and development of the IIT Hyderabad campus.



Funds received under Endowments will be invested (as per IITH investment policy) and the returns will be used to support various initiatives.



Funds received under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will be used for the CSR project agreed upon.


Reunion Fund

Re funds will be utilized for various initiatives agreed between the IAR office of IITH and the re batch coordinators.


IITH General Purpose Fund

IIT Hyderabad provides an easy process to the alumni/individual donor for the contribution to IITH General Purpose Fund. These funds will be utilized for various purposes as per decision taken by the IITH Management or a donor can specify the specific pur