Climate Champions Internship Program: Empowering Future Leaders for...........


Target: ₹ 3,90,000 ($ 4875)

Raised: ₹ 0 ($ 0)

No. of Donors : 0

Completion Date: 31st December 2026


The "Climate Champions Internship Program" led by Dr. Pritha Chatterjee addresses climate change challenges. It integrates academic knowledge, practical experience, and interdisciplinary collaboration, aiming to empower future leaders for sustainable solutions.


The project aims to establish a transformative three-month Climate Champions Internship Program at IIT Hyderabad. This initiative aspires to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students a unique opportunity to actively contribute to climate change mitigation and sustainability. The objectives include imparting a comprehensive understanding of climate change challenges, offering mentorship for skill development, fostering environmental stewardship, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and encouraging interns to propose innovative solutions. Through hands-on projects in areas like renewable energy and climate policy, interns will gain practical skills and knowledge. Additionally, an open day with expert seminars will create awareness. The project targets Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7, 13, 11, 12, and 4, covering clean energy, climate action, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, and quality education. The budget of ₹390,000 over three years covers intern fellowships and open day activities.

Timeline & Budget:

  • Year 1:Launch program, select interns. Conduct educational modules.

  • Budget: ₹130,000

  • Year 2:Mentorship, collaborative projects.Organize open day, expert seminars.

    Budget: ₹130,000

  • Year 3: Showcase projects, outreach.Evaluate impact, plan future.

  • Budget: ₹130,000

Proposer Details:

Dr. Pritha Chatterjee, an Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Climate Change at IIT Hyderabad, leads this initiative, combining academic and practical knowledge to combat climate change.