Emission Reduction and Energy economy by electric vehicle on Indian Road........


Target: ₹ 16,62,000 ($ 20775)

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Completion Date: 31st December 2026

Emission Reduction and Energy economy by electric vehicle on Indian Roads- Driving cycle-based study


The project, "Emission Reduction and Energy Economy by Electric Vehicle on Indian Roads," spearheaded by Dr. Pritha Chatterjee and Dr. Digvijay S. Pawar, addresses the pressing environmental challenges posed by the transportation sector in India. Focused on the electrification of vehicles, the research aims to develop tailored models for the unique Indian traffic environment, evaluating the real-world performance and impact of electric vehicles (EVs). With an emphasis on driving cycles, energy consumption, and life-cycle carbon footprints, the project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to clean energy, sustainable cities, climate action, and partnerships.


The project's primary objectives include analyzing and developing driving cycles for two-wheeler and four-wheeler battery electric vehicles in Indian road conditions. It aims to model EV energy consumption, equivalent emissions, and tail-pipe emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles, reaching a significant Technology Readiness Level of TRL 4. The proposed work encompasses data collection, instrumentation, and software tools, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of EVs' environmental impact and supporting India's sustainable transportation goals.

Timeline & Budget:

Year 1 : INR 1,412,000

Year 2 : INR 200,000

Year 3: INR 100,000

Grand Total: INR 1,662,000

Proposer Name and Designation:

Dr. Pritha Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Head, Dept. of Climate Change

Dr. Digvijay S. Pawar, Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering