Setting up a Light Microscopy Undergraduate Learning Centre at IITH


Target: ₹ 25,00,000 ($ 31250)

Raised: ₹ 0 ($ 0)

No. of Donors : 0

Completion Date: 31st December 2026


This project aims to establish a Light Microscopy Undergraduate Learning Centre at IIT Hyderabad, led by Dr. Mahesh Ganesan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. The proposed center focuses on providing hands-on training to undergraduate students in research-grade fluorescence microscopy.


Under the leadership of Dr. Mahesh Ganesan, the project aims to set up a Light Microscopy Undergraduate Learning Centre at IIT Hyderabad. The focus is on acquiring a research-grade fluorescence microscope to offer hands-on exposure to undergraduate students, facilitating early engagement in advanced research techniques. The center will particularly benefit students in soft matter studies, aligning with IITH's expertise in this domain. The proposed microscope will enable students to explore microscopy-based analysis in soft matter research, correlating microstructural information with macroscopic properties. Dr. Ganesan plans to organize training workshops, inviting expert faculty, and make the microscope accessible for PG, PhD, and project students, fostering basic and applied research. Additionally, the center will conduct scientific and educational outreach programs, contributing to UN SDG #4 (Quality Education).

Timeline & Budget:

Year 1: Procurement and setup of Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E Inverted Microscope (Rs. 25,00,000).

Proposer Details:

Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Mahesh Ganesan, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Hyderabad.