Student Health and Wellness


Target: ₹ 1,00,00,000 ($ 125000)

Raised: ₹ 5,68,219 ($ 7102.74)

No. of Donors : 132

Completion Date: 30th June 2023

The outbreak of COVID-19 affected the lives of all sections of society. Students are no exception to this. Every student who enters IITH needs to have an equal opportunity to study and excel in their fields of study. It becomes the responsibility of the larger stakeholder community to find ways and means to support students.

IIT Hyderabad decided to support their students who were affected by Covid 19 or any other general health and wellness issue. Many of the students were experiencing food, housing, and technology insecurities and were being helped with our student health and wellness fund. Such Insecurities distract the attention of the students from their core objective of gaining knowledge. If not attended to at the right time, this could lead to poor performance - both academically and personally. Financial support provides an opportunity for the students to take care of themselves, learn to make better choices, develop confidence and increase educational effectiveness.

IITH proposed to raise the funds needed for this activity by the contributions from alumni and other well-wishers. The goal of this funding opportunity is to provide economic support to deserving students who are in need of health and wellness support.

Selection of the needy student will be done through an internal process with the Director's office and Dean AR office of the institute.

Please do contribute to this cause.

IITH thanks all donors for his generosity and belief that such actions will support students to study and excel in their field of study.