SUN-FI Scholarship


Target: ₹ 2,60,000 ($ 3250)

Raised: ₹ 1,60,000 ($ 2000)

No. of Donors : 1

Completion Date: 31st March 2026

IIT Hyderabad (IITH) is one of the foremost progressive higher educational institutions in the country with a focus on academic and research excellence. Every student who enters IITH must have an equal opportunity to study and excel in their fields. Hence it’s a bounden duty of the
institution and its key stakeholders to find a supportive solution for affected students.

Donor (IITH alumnus) has come forward to generously support one UG student by providing scholarship of INR 50K. He has pledged to provide this scholarship for 4 years. The goal of the scholarship would be to provide support to a deserving student so that he/she liberates themselves and achieves financial freedom. Ultimately the scholarship would aim to make every awardee entirely financially independent. As part of the award, donor will mentor students who have been given the award.

The mentorship aims to empower the students on their path towards financial independence by leveraging donors experience, time and network.

Selection Criteria:

The beneficiary of this contribution will be chosen by a clearly defined process. IITH will be happy to share the process with the donor. If the donor wishes to be a part of the selection, IITH is open to the idea. 

Donor would like to name this scholarship ‘Seema Upendra Nandapurkar Financial Independence Scholarship- SUN-FI Scholarship’, and would like to improve towards the goal of awardees achieving financial independence as the scholarship is awarded every year.